5 useful smartphone apps for film photographers


Just because we film photographers chose the lo-fi life doesn’t mean we can’t live with the best of today’s technology. Despite the common misconception that choosing film means we avoid anything digital like the plague, analog photographers today have actually found ways to make the digital world work to our advantage. Best example? Smartphone apps that enhance our analog life.

No idea yet as to which smartphone apps are these? We got them listed here for you to check out.


Gudak Smartphone App

A refreshing take on apps emulating film photography, Gudak has been getting raves for its simplicity – nothing but the essence of disposable camera photography for you to play around with. Modelled by Korean start-up Screw Bar after the classic Kodak disposable camera, it gives you 24 photos, which you take through a tiny simulated viewfinder. It even produces random light leaks for an authentic feel.

Once you’re done with your virtual roll, you’d have to take it to a “Processing Laboratory” for a 3-day developing period. You only get to shoot another “roll” (or disposable camera, if we’re sticking to the analog spirit), after 12 hours. Downside? It’s only for iOS at the moment.


Dubble Smartphone App

Another nod to the charm of film photography, Dubble was inspired by double exposures done the analog way. You have the choice to make “dubbles” with your friends or anyone from around the world, and publish them on your profile. You have full control over the look of your dubbles before they’re posted, but you’re only given 20 chances to do a “re-dubble” per day. Liked your dubble? You can also order prints through a separate Dubble Print app. Both are currently only available for iOS users as well.


Kodak Smartphone App

With Kodak going back to its roots and supporting the analog resurgence, it’s not surprising to find the iconic imaging company create an app to help today’s generation of film shooters get all the information they need.

From film formats, types of KODAK PROFESSIONAL films, and tips on what film to shoot depending on your needs or lighting condition, this app covers it. As a bonus, it also includes a store locator, film lab locator, sun calculator, and a Black and White Processing tool. Available for both iOS and Android.

Lightmeter App

Light meter Smartphone App

If you’re looking into getting more accurately focused photos, especially when shooting slide films, a handheld light meter is your best friend. However, it can also be pricey, especially for beginners. Here’s when your smartphone can come to your rescue. One of the best light meter apps out there, LightMeter for both iOS and Android is designed for “real old school photographers or advanced amateurs shooting analog photography.”

Its interface clearly gives this away. The caveat? LightMeter’s reflected light meter only works with devices that are able to save exif data, while the incident light meter should work on any device. The precision and quality of its reading are still limited by the capabilities of the smartphone itself.


500px Smartphone App

Last but not the least is the 500px app for Android and iOS,which offers an endless stream of photographic inspiration right at your fingertips. Connecting you to 7 million photographers around the world, you also have a wide audience to showcase your work.

If you enjoy the offerings of the 500px website, including free workshops and submitting your best photos to themed Photo Quests, having complete access to it wherever you go means you’re only a tap away from inspiration that could jumpstart your own photography projects.

Have you tried any of these apps? Tell us how it went for you! Likewise, if we missed any of your favorite apps for film photographers, give us a heads up in the comments!

Joy Celine Asto

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