WATCH: Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community perform at Vessel 2

Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community

During Vessel 2 – a Japanese drum assembly, I had the opportunity to listen to the lively beats of the Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community. Their a local group of around 15 who specialize in using the Djembe and some other African musical instruments to create beautiful music with an ethnic feel.

Their mix of Filipino lyrics and the African twist, as well as their entertaining yet passionate performance gives off a wonderful vibe that will surely have you dancing (or clapping at the least).

On the video below, watch the Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community perform their single “Damong Ligaw.”

The main event of the drum assembly was the Japanese band Utsuwa. Watch the Japanese ensemble use their traditional instruments during their opening performance.

Yabee Eusebio

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