Android gets own pseudo-film camera app called Kudak Pro

Kudak Pro

Android users rejoice! You finally have a pseudo-disposable film camera smartphone app. It’s called Kudak Pro and the best thing about it is it’s FREE.

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Kudak Pro is built by Ginnypix. Like its iOS counterpart Gudak, its design is heavily based on the real Kodak disposable camera. It offers users 24 shots per digital roll of film and develops photographs in a day. As for the waiting time for the next roll, you can shoot another roll in just 1 hour.

What separates it from Gudak and Huji is that users can customize their app with select colors. Aside from that, you can also remove the date stamp and mute the sound effects. It also boasts an expandable viewfinder and its own timer with 3- and 10-second intervals if you want to include yourself in the photograph.

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Here’s where things get better, you can get instant development, new film, higher-quality photographs, and a re-development time of just 6-minutes if you upgrade to the Pro version. It will only cost you around P59 for these wonderful features.

You can download Kudak Pro on App Store and on iTunes.

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