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We recently asked you, our readers, a simple question – what film camera would you recommend to someone new to the craft? We’ve got quite the number of suggestions, but 2 cameras stood out from the rest. Check out the list below.

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Pentax Spotmatic

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The Pentax Spotmatic got the most recommendations from the local film community. Those who suggested the camera said that the Spotmatic was their weapon of choice because it’s fully mechanical, which allows or rather forces you to learn the basics of photography. Another factor is that it has a really wide range of relatively affordable lenses thanks to its M42 thread.

Olympus XA2

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The Olympus XA2 comes in a close 2nd, just 1 vote down from the Pentax Spotmatic. Designed by Maitani Yoshihisa, it was made to be the ultimate 35mm compact camera. Aside from being light, user-friendly, and unobtrusive, the XA2 comes with a small yet powerful Zuiko 35mm f:2.8 lens capable of taking sharp photos. We’d have to agree that this is the ultimate compact camera fit for both beginners and veteran film photographers.

Check out the other cameras that made it into the list are on the gallery below.


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Do you have a camera in mind? Let us know on the comment section below.

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