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What’s the best lens for street photography? It’s an age old question most photographers ask that more often than not leads to a lengthy argument and severed friendships. In case you’re in the market for one and would like to remain friends with your chaps, I suggest you watch this video.

Former DigitalRev Presenter Kai Wong took 3 of the most hotly debated focal lengths for street photography; 28mm, 35mm, and 50mm. Along with 2 other friends,┬áTheodoric Wong and Jonathan Lau, they walked around the streets of Hong Kong to see who’s king among the 3.

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Although I shoot mainly with a 28mm, I would personally prefer the 50mm among the others when strictly talking about street photography. Unlike its wider counterparts, the 50mm can produce nice tight photographs without having to stick the camera into the subjects face. Also, I can still take whole body or architectural photographs at the expense of walking a bit further to the subject which is no big deal for me.

With the 28mm, on the other hand, I can get good wide group and architecture. As for taking portraits, well, if you like having a clearer background and wider shots to establish the location then getting this could be your cup of tea.

Watch the video below to find out which of the 3 they think is the best for street photography.



How about you? What do you prefer to shoot with on the streets? Let us know on the comment section below.

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