Cameraventures launches ‘RepairRaffle’ to help find camera repair shops


It’s no secret that most of our film cameras are relatively old and may breakdown sooner than we think. Unfortunately, searching for a good repair show now-a-days is harder than ever. With this, Cameraventures launched a campaign called ‘RepairRaffle’ to help create a database of highly recommended camera repair shops around the world. 

According to data from the #saveanalogcameras campaign, around 70% of the 7,500++ respondents don’t know where to take have their cameras repaired. The remaining 30%, on the other hand, have pointed to many camera repair shops around the world.

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To get to know more about each store and its legitimacy, Cameraventures is inviting everyone to participate and fill-in a new form, Those who would recommend a shop will get a chance to win awesome prizes which includes a “minty hardly-used in-the-box” Hasselblad X-Pan. The more people who participate, the more prizes there will be in the pool.

If you don’t know a camera repair shop but still want to participate in the raffle, the form offers other ways for you to help out in this cause.

What are you waiting for? Hurry and fill-in the form or help spread the love at Don’t forget to use the hashtag #RepairRaffle when sharing this.

As a recap, Cameraventures launched a massive campaign last April 2017 in an effort to sum up the situation of the global analog photography industry this year. They announced the results and discussed the future together with Japan Camera Hunter’s Bellamy Hunt in a live stream event last September 2017, which you can watch on the video below.

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