CineStill to sell bwXX for limited time only

CineStill bwXX

Looking for a black and white film that will give you a real classic look? Get ready as CineStill is going to sell its repackaged Eastman Double X again and call their “version” bwXX.

Available in 135 and 16mm film formats, it’s designed to be used with a box speed of 250 under daylight and 200 under tungsten lighting. Each roll will have 36 exposures that’s been professionally spooled into non DX-coded cartridges, which means you’ll have to set the ISO manually.

It’s also known for being used on movies such as Schindler’s List, Cinderella Man, Casino Royale, and Kill Bill: Vol. 1. They call their “version” the bwXX.

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To develop it, CineStill recommends using Kodak D-96 for optimal results. Other options are the D-76, HC110, and all other black and white developers available in the market today. You can check the list of developing times at either or

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If you’re interested to try the CineStill bwXX, it will be available starting November 24, 2017. But you better hurry as it will be sold on their official website on a limited run at USD$7 (around P354) for a roll of 135.

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