Here’s a comprehensive world map of film labs

World Map

It’s no secret that film can be damaged while travelling – whether it’s due to the heat, accidental exposure, or even airport x-ray scanners. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just find a nearby lab, where ever you are in the world, to get it processed and scanned to save you the trouble?

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Thanks to the film photography website the EMULSIVE, you can easily search the nearest film lab to you with this comprehensive world map. The map was created in September 2016 and is continuously updated based on research and direct feedback by the international film community. Each entry is then manually verified by EMULSIVE.

As of this writing, it features 241 labs in over 47 countries that offer film processing and/or scanning. It even includes local favorite Sunny16 Lab. According to EMULSIVE, each lab on the world map has been either personally used by the creator or by the international film community.

The map can also be saved on your mobile phone for ease of access where ever you are in the world, whether you’re using iOS or Android.

If you would like to help out updating the world map, you can fill up this form with the necessary details.

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