Digital detoxification

The digital world and fast-paced life can certainly take its toll on anyone, especially when you live in a foreign country like Singapore. This week’s featured photographer Christian Pasalo worked in the lion city and in his search for a way to detoxify from all the hustle and bustle it presented, he found film photography.

He bought his 1st 35mm film camera a Nikon AF2 on one of the thrift stores on the streets of Singapore. And like many of us, he learned how to operate and shoot his camera through YouTube and Google.

In his experience shooting film, he loved that fact that you can just take your time with each shot, get a clear guesstimate of the output, and still be surprised of the final product. Another thing he loved about film is that you can truly feel the emotion of each shot.

He can’t help but get attached to each shot as it reminded him of of the old photographs in their family picture albums he used to look at when he was still a kid. It also reminded him of how simple life was back then.

“We are now in the age of digital arts where most of the things are quickly deleted and forgotten. Most photos produced are drastically sharp and edited, contrary to film which creates grainy, warm, and transparent photographs.” – Christian Pasalo

Christian hopes that by sharing his story and photos on the Film Traveler, he would inspire the younger generation to just shoot and not think about other people’s reaction or opinion.

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