Dude builds a Leica III from LEGO bricks because he can

As a film photographer, it’s always a treat to see a Leica camera in person or even on online listings. That’s why we simply had to share with you this Leica III built entirely from LEGO bricks by master builder Milan CMadge.

From a distance, one wouldn’t notice that this Leica III is built from LEGO bricks. Intricately made grooves around the body make this replica look like it really has leather. It also has all the knobs and glass the real camera had.

The only giveaway would probably its size, which is probably a few feet larger than the real Leica III. It’s actually bigger than his head! The photo below shows the scale of CMadge’s creation.



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Milan CMadge is a LEGO Builder famous for his very accurate creations of iconic things (sometimes common items such as ice cream). A year ago, he built a Graflex camera with the same stunning accuracy. Visit his official Flickr page to see more awesome builds.

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