Share your love for film photography with Emulsive’s Secret Santa Project

Emulsive Secret Santa

Emulsive is bringing back its ‘Secret Santa’ project to spread the love for film photography this Christmas season.

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How does Secret Santa work?

In case you’ve lived under a rock, ‘Secret Santa’ is an arrangement between a group wherein they exchange gifts anonymously. Each member of the group is assigned another member whom they should give a gift.

Sometimes, members of the group write the gift they wish to receive (within a certain agreed amount) on a piece of paper with a code name.

How do I join?

First, you have to register to join. This is Emulsive’s way to weed out bad Santas. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be given the link for Elfster to create a profile and start building your wish list.

A draw will be made to determine the person you’ll be playing Santa to. Check out their wish list. If it’s a bit unrealistic, then by all means buy something else. Just don’t be a Grinch.

About the gifts

Gifts must be worth at least $10 (no upper limit on the price) and FUNCTIONAL. Nobody likes to get something that doesn’t work… unless they request or can repair it. It’s like getting coal inside the christmas sock if you get my drift.

Anyway, gifts must be sent via courier on or before December 4, 2017 to ensure that the gifts will be received on time. And please, do wrap it up in a nice, presentable way.

This project by Emulsive is a great way to spread the love in a community that’s just been so supportive of each other. This is something that we at Film Traveler would love to support and participate in.

Would you like to share your love for film photography? Be someone’s Secret Santa now.

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