A fascination with stills


Photography is fascinating, isn’t it? It’s an art form that’s able to tell a story without saying a single word.

This is one of the reasons that pulled John Wilbore Digay into photography. He 1st started to gain interest back in 2011 when he saw old photos and film strips at home. This curiosity for the art grew when 2 of his friends bought their own film cameras. Both urged John to take the plunge. Luckily, one of them bought him his very own film camera last June – a Wizen Z-60 point and shoot.

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It wasn’t long until he found out how hard it is learning photography, especially when using film. His 1st rolls came out underexposed and blurry. But the allure of film photography, the element of mystery and surprise, kept him going.

For John, film photography is definitely a never-ending process of discovery and learning. He hopes that his humility and hunger to learn from others will help him become a better photographer someday. We think he’s getting there already.

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