SURVEY: What film camera would you recommend?

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Let’s say a good friend of yours comes up to you and asks you what film camera would you recommend him/her to buy? What would you tell them?

With the thousands of available models in the market, it’s easy to point out the best of the rest. Maybe a Leica? Or some rare Russian camera? However, purchasing these kinds of cameras may scare them off due to their novelty status.

To make this a tougher question to answer and reasonable, let’s set a few parameters. This buddy of yours has little to no experience in photography, he/she has a limited budget of maybe P1,000 to P2,500 (probably a little more if needed), it should be easy to find (common model), and of course it should look cool (there’s no denying that this should be a factor).

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Why are we asking you this? Well, we would like to know what would be the best film camera for the upcoming/new film photographers and then we’ll create a top 5 or 10 list. Hopefully, this would help give an idea to those interested in our craft to find their 1st film camera.

<We’ve closed down the survey. In case you’d like to find out the results, we’ve wrote an article titled ‘Best budget film cameras for starters‘.>

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