Film Folk now available at Henry’s Camera, Glorietta 2

Film Folk

If you live down south or within Makati City, we don’t have much of a choice when it comes to buying film. That’s unless you buy online or expired films from the 2nd hand market. Luckily, we can now purchase our favorite stocks thanks to our friends at Film Folk in Glorietta.

Yes, you read that right! We can now purchse our favorite film stocks from Ilford, AGFA, and more thanks to the recent partnership between Film Folk and Henry’s Camera in Glorietta 2. As of this writing, these items are readily available at the store.¬†Apart from the said films, the store also has several accessories that you can use for your digital or film camera such as tripods, lenses, and bags.

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Henry’s Camera is no stranger to film. They used to provide film developing services until 2003 when they decided to concentrate on digital camera sales. Hopefully, they will offer this again soon as film photography gains popularity in the Philippines.

Visit the official website of Henry’s Camera and Film Folk for more information.

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