The Film Traveler turns 1

Film Traveler

Time really flies when you’re having fun. Such was the case, we almost forgot about the day we came up with The Film Traveler. Yup, we just celebrated our 1st anniversary!

As a small gift/reward for all our hard work (if you can call it that), we bought a point and shoot film camera.

Our latest toy is the Fujifilm Zoom Cardia Super 270 which features a fast 35-70 mm lens, a cool panorama mode, and the ever handy flash. It’s also currently loaded with the Fujicolor C200 35mm film.

Although it has a few fading markings and scratches, it still works like a charm. We can’t wait to use up the whole roll, tell you our experience shooting film, and share the results.

Anyway, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us and supported this thing we’ve been doing. Hope you could stay with us as we discover new places to shoot, get more cameras, and use up more film. Cheers!

The Film Traveler

Let's shoot film!