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Imagine travelling the world with your trusty analog camera then the unthinkable happens… you run out of film. How the heck do you find a film store in a place you’ve never been to?

Well, depending on where you are, you could be in luck. A Tumblr user and film enthusiast who goes by the name Carina Bita has started a huge project called ‘Where to buy film‘. It’s a Tumblr page that aims to help all travelers find film stores anywhere in the world.

The said page has an embedded Google map where helpful film photographers and/or travelers send in the location of a store that sells film. This is then verified and pinned on the map for others to see. As of this writing, the map has 440 pins concentrated around the United States of America, Europe, and Japan.

Now you don’t have to pack too much film and risk having it pass through harmful x-rays at the airport. Who knows, you might even find a rare gem in one of those stores.

[UPDATE 11-1-2017] – The project now has pinned 661 stores around the world including China, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Would you like to contribute and put the Philippines on the world map? Simply send an email to or message the official Facebook page of Where to buy film and provide them with the name and address of the shop. You can start by sending the page our Film Lab Directory.

Yabee Eusebio

A humble photographer who wants to share his passion of chasing light with others, whatever format it may be.


  1. Not very accurate about film sales in Minnesota, several other stores sell and process, not just West Photo which is a small independent store. National Camera has several stores all over the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and they sell and process film. There are also several other small film shops like Linhoff Labs, and FastPhoto both in Edina, MN

    • Hello Joel,

      You have to consider that this is an on-going project wherein people send in information about stores where anyone can buy film. If you think that this is inaccurate, you could help them out by sending its Facebook page a list of shops in your area that sell film. That way, it will be more up to date.

      Cheers mate!

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