Fujifilm’s new price list for the Philippines

Fujifilm price list Philippines

A little over a week ago, we found out that Fujifilm has increased the prices of their film rolls. Since we love them so much, we asked for an official copy of their price list so we can share the new suggested retail prices of each of their products with everyone.

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Just to make things clear, the prices listed below were given to us by their Wonder Photo Shop via a message from their Facebook page. Anyway, here are the new prices for film in the Philippines.

135/120 films

Fujicolor C200 36 shots – P215

Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 36 shots – P290

Neopan Acros 135 36 shots – P343

Neopan Across 120 (5 packs of 36 shots) – P1,091


Mini Glossy 10 sheets – P360

Mini Glossy Twin Pack 20 sheets – P680

Wide Glossy – P600

Wide Glossy Twin Pack – P800

Square Glossy – P550

Design Mini Films 10 sheets – P400

Character Mini Film 10 sheets – P420

Frozen 10 sheets – P360

Monochrome 10 sheets – P420

It’s no secret that film photography – whatever the medium – is an expensive hobby paid in staggered terms. No matter, it’s something that we love doing and will continue doing until the time that demand for film increases and prices go down. Keep shooting film!

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  1. hello! may i ask where i will order an instax mini glossy twin pack worth of 380?

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