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Ilford Photo has begun its annual search for the next Student Photographer of the Year. And this time around, they are opening the competition to the Philippines.

This year’s theme is called “Lyrically Speaking,” which means a photographer must turn a song lyric into an image that inspires the viewer as much as the music itself. Easy right? Well, like any competition, there’s always a catch.

How to join.

And here it is.

Students must take their photos using a film camera. More specifically, they must use either Ilford or Kentmere black and white film rolls. Good thing you can send in as many entries as you like.

If you need a film camera but don’t know where or how to buy one, we recently wrote a few tips to help the 1st time camera buyer.

Each entry must be printed on Ilford or Kentmere black and white photographic papers with a minimum size of 8×10 inches. Prints any smaller than the minimum are automatically disqualified.

All photos must have labels at the back with the following information; image title, name of student, film and paper used, and email. Also include the college or university name and tutor if applicable. Offensive images, entries that have won in other contests, or have been published else where are ineligible to join.

If you don’t know where you can print your photos, you can simply send an email to our good friends at FilmFolk ( and they will gladly help you. Aside from them, there will also be other laboratories and/or private volunteers such as Sunny16 Lab wherein you can have your photos processed or printed.

Who can join?

Students enrolled at any Philippine based school, whether part time or full, are eligible to join this competition. Deadline of submission of entries is on January 31, 2018, leaving you with plenty of time to conceptualize your shot.

Send your entries to FilmFolk, 1707A West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Ortigas, Pasig City 1605 Philippines. Just make sure that when you send in your entries, the parcel containing your photos will arrive on or before the said date.

Prizes up for grabs.

Aside from a certificate and bragging rights, the winning student will get a professionally printed and framed copy of his/her photo done by Shuttermaster Studios. You don’t think that’s all, right?

The winner will also get P8,000 worth of Ilford and FilmFolk accessories, as well as a P2,000 gift certificate from Sunny16 Lab. (Should we throw in a Film Traveler shirt too?)

As for the runner up, he/she will get P5,000 worth of Ilford and FilmFolk accessories and a P1,000 gift from Sunny16 Lab. Not bad?

Interestingly, there will also be a prize for the college/university whose students submit the most eligible entries. They will receive P6,000 worth of Ilford films and a P4,000 gift certificate from Sunny16 Lab. Good luck with distributing that.

According to FilmFolk, there could be more prizes as more sponsors come in.

It doesn’t stop there.

The winner along with the runner up will represent the Philippines for a chance to win the Ilford Photo International Student Photographer of the Year competition.

Unfortunately, prizes for the that hasn’t been announced as of this writing. The title alone should be more than enough bragging rights to be placed on your resume.

If you’re interested, you may visit the official website of Ilford Photo for more information or email FilmFolk at Like the official Facebook page of FilmFolk for more contest updates and announcements.

Ilford Photo Student Photographer of the Year Competition Poster

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