Be a Film Traveler Contributor


Allowing people to contribute their skills is essential when building a community. With this, we’re inviting fellow Film Photographers, no matter what part of the world you’re in, to send in your art work and be an official contributor for the Film Traveler.

If you’re interested, send your photo set and a few words along with it describing your experience shooting that set, style, and yourself as a film photographer. You may include your social media links if you want to (we recommend you do so). Minimum of 5 photos and the write up must have 300 words or more.

Please make sure that all photos are shot with a film camera/s and roll/s. Digital images will be rejected.

Aside from featuring photographers, we’re also searching for people who would like to share talent with words to create entertaining and informative articles. Don’t worry about experience, we would like you to try it out first and we’ll do our best to guide you to become better writers (if you aren’t already). Who knows, this experience might open up new doors for you.

Why are we doing this? We simply want to inspire more people to pick up Film Photography by looking at your work, as well as by reading through our website. Nothing more, nothing less.

You may send in your contributions at thefilmtraveler [at] gmail [dot] com or drop us a message on our official Facebook page. We’ll do our best to get your work out as soon as possible.

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