K-PAN is a medium format panoramic DIY camera made for travelers


When traveling, it’s always a dilemma what film camera you should bring. Usually, we choose the 35mm over the medium/large format because, admit it, it’s just easier to bring around. But that can all change with the K-PAN film camera.

The K-PAN is a DIY 3D printed panoramic medium format camera (whew, that’s a mouthful). It’s has a lightproof body made out of highly robust grey SLS nylon.

It weighs only 350 grams without the lens and measures at just 22 cm wide and 9 cm tall. This DIY camera let’s you shoot 5 6×14 cm frames per roll of 120 film through a standard 4×5 lens.

Focus is initially set to infinity but can be adjusted thanks to a 10mm focus spacer mounted on a lens cone. If shot right, the K-PAN can produce stunning images as seen below.

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According to its maker Paul Kohlhaussen, its spare parts, accessories, and upgrades will be made soon after production starts. Future owners will either download and print it or have them printed and shipped.

Sounds great right? Here’s the catch if you want to get one. You’ll have to back it up first on Kickstarter. Yes, we know… another Kickstarter campaign like Lomo’Instant Square and Yashica.

But isn’t it wonderful that more and more film cameras are close to becoming reality because of campaigns like this? If you’ve been following the scene lately, Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter pointed out something interesting in a live stream event by Camera Ventures. He said that in order for film photography to fully comeback, new film cameras must be produced. And the K-PAN adds that all important new product that even new users can purchase and build themselves.

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We as film photographers must support projects like these, whether buy backing it financially or simply spreading the word by sharing this article (wink wink). Hopefully, the K-PAN project will be successful. I might just get one myself when it does.

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