An act of endearment

Kim Lim

Using digital and film cameras each have their own advantages and disadvantages, especially while travelling. But if you had to choose 1 for a trip, which would you bring?

This was a question that professional wedding photographer and Sunny16 Lab’s Kim Lim faced when she went to Japan with her family. Kim brought both her digital and film cameras, however, she couldn’t take them out on the streets at the same time because it was too heavy for her to carry around.

A photographic dilemma

In Kim’s previous trips, she always left her analog camera in the hotel room along with several unexposed rolls of film. This meant that she had to get these checked by airport security again. And whenever she brought out her DSLR, she often found herself missing out on the experience because she was busy browsing through her camera to see if she had taken awesome shots. That’s why this time around, she decided to take her film camera with her instead.

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Risk and reward

It was risky move to leave the comfort of the digital age in favor of film. But to Kim, this was the best decision she’s ever made. Using her film camera gave Kim the pleasure of staying present and experiencing the whole trip with her husband and daughter more.

I usually have thousands of shots… now, I only got 11 rolls of film developed and every frame means a lot more to me and I look at it every single day and the memory would seem so vivid.

For Kim, the imperfections in some of her shots just made each memory closer to her heart, which proved that shooting film has more meaning to her compared to digital. She loves any camera, but if she thinks that a moment tugs at one’s heartstrings, Kim will grab her film camera.

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You can view more of Kim’s work on her official Instagram account.

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