Kodak gives an update for Ektachrome return

Kodak Ektachrome

Last January 2017, Kodak announced that they will bring back their beloved Ektachrome film. Here’s an update on their progress.

Kodakery host Meagan Ramplin says that the “process is coming along well” and that they (Kodak) have “been busy testing and making sure it meets all the expectations that exist in this passionate community.”

“The results have looked pretty favorable.” – Diane Carroll Yacoby, Kodak ‎Marketing & Product Manager

But it wasn’t smooth sailing for the film/printing company as they had problems searching where to source all 80+  components to re-create Ektachrome. In addition, they had to assess their capability to test and process the film, which by the way is very difficult. Luckily, Kodak sorted all of these out and they’ve started pilot coating to make sure everything looks and feels right.

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Kodak Launched the Ektachrome in 1940. It ran until 2013 when Kodak decided to phase it out due to the inability to source components for production, the manufacturing costs, and the lack of customer demand.

Kodak Ektachrome is scheduled for its market release in 2018 initially for 35mm cameras and Super8. Listen to their podcast below.

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