Kodak is selling cool classic film shirts

Kodak T-Shirt

Do you have a friend that shoots film? Would you like to give them something cool this Christmas? If so, check out these cool classic film shirts from Kodak.There are 4 designs for you to choose from (but we hope they add more soon). Each of these t-shirts show off the brand’s iconic designs and logos which most film photographers would love. Only thing that’s weird about this is that it isn’t available in the equally known Kodak Yellow. *sob

One in particular item that caught our attention was the t-shirt with the EKTACHROME logo. Any film photographer would love to have their hands on that baby especially when its film stock relaunches soon.

Each shirt can be bought at $19.99 (around P1,000) excluding shipping and is available through Amazon. Affordable enough for a lot of us especially during this time of the year when most receive their bonuses. But if this is a bit too much, you can purchase one of our own shirts for much less instead.

So what are you waiting for? Buy me …err, I mean your film photographer friends these t-shirts this Christmas and spread the love for film. Visit the official website of Kodak for more information.

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