Lomography “one ups” competition with Lomo’Instant upgrade

Lomography Lomo'Instant Square

Lomography has recently revealed a wonderful update to its soon-to-come Lomo’Instant Square camera. The world’s 1st fully analog square format instant camera can now load up multiple film formats.

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The upgrade called the ‘Instant Mini Back’ is a panel add-on that will let its future owners switch from the Fujifilm’s Instax Square to the Instax Mini. Yes! You can use 2 film formats in 1 cool looking camera. The Instant Mini Back, however, will cost you $15 (around P770).

It’s easy to switch between film formats. All you have to do is open the rear hatch, slide the linkage below, and you can now use the Instax Mini film. Now, you have even more options to express your creativeness.

In case you’ve already backed this project and want to have the Instant Mini Back, you can upgrade by clicking on the Add-On Items menu.

Interestingly, this upgrade comes within the same week that Polaroid and KODAK launched the OneStep 2 and PRINTOMATIC, respectively. Is this a move by Lomography to grab the spotlight back?

Regardless, the Lomo’Instant itself has received a positive reaction from the international film community. As of this writing, the project is now backed by nearly 3,000 people and has gathered $512,375 with 12 days left in the Kickstarter campaign. The Lomo’Instant is set to have its 1st batch of deliveries by March 2018.

Watch the Lomo’Instant and the Instant Mini Back in action on the video below.

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