Getting lost isn’t so bad after all

Gio Macalinga - Lost

Most photographers spend a lot of time looking for their own unique style or niche. This can be a long, tiring journey of self-discovery and soul-searching that lead you astray. But for our featured artist Gio Macalinga, his hard work and passion helped him learn that getting lost along the way isn’t so bad after all.

That being said, our featured artist Gio Macalinga spent his early days as a freelance fashion photographer shooting streetwear. But even the more-often-than-not lavish lifestyle got toxic and at times repetitive, which burned out his passion and switch to street photography.

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Although he enjoyed it, Gio felt that something was missing. He also didn’t like that he can simply skim through the LCD to view his photographs and take another shot if he missed something. He wasn’t happy and fulfilled as he felt that shooting digital lacked an artistic touch. That’s when he decided to try film photography.

Initially, he thought of buying a Pentax K1000 or a Canon AE-1. Gio eventually ended with the playful Nishika N8000, which satisfied his thirst for the arts and renewed his passion for photography. He says that he’ll never sell his N8000 and it’s not hard to see why.

Watch the result of his perseverance on the video below titled “Lost Part 1.”

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