Reasons manual film cameras are better for learning photography


A common question by soon-to-be or even new photographers is “What’s the best camera to learn photography?” Most people would recommend getting the latest camera available on the market within your budget. But is that really the best way to learn photography?

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Most of us would think that the latest technical specs and functions would help shorten the learning curb. Why wouldn’t it be? You could quickly see the difference in the settings by simply shooting a ton of photos and reviewing it one-by-one or by checking the ‘live view’ on the touchscreen LCD.

Kai Wong, the former presenter of DigitalRev, thinks otherwise. According to him, learning the old fashion way by using manual film cameras would be the best way go about it. Could it be true?

In this old but gold video by DigitalRev, Kai and his team give us 10 reasons why manual film cameras are the best way to learn photography.

As of this writing, Kai, Alamby Leung, and Lok Cheung have all left the Hong Kong based camera store company and gone their separate ways, each with their own YouTube channels.

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Yabee Eusebio

A humble photographer who wants to share his passion of chasing light with others, whatever format it may be.