My New Year’s resolution

New Year's Resolution

With 2017 officially in the books, we look forward to another great year of learning and growing with all of you. As such, we thought of our New Year’s resolution to guide us this 2018 to become even better writers and photographers.

Goodbye GAS

It’s time to get rid of my Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS). Not only will it benefit me financially, it will also help me get to know my camera and lens setup more which will eventually lead to better output. Aside from that, it will also free up space in my bag to allow me to travel lighter during trips/shoots.

Explore more films

Last year, I found myself shooting 1 brand/ISO a little bit too often. As a photographer, I feel that I must explore more types of film to give me the necessary experience to share with all of you.


Shoot, shoot, and shoot

In 2017, I pushed myself to write more and more about the wonderful world of film photography. Unfortunately, I forgot to go out and shoot to experience these things that I write about. That’s why this year I will take my camera out more, be it in the streets or in a studio.

Learn to process film

I always thought that the next step in a film photographer’s journey is learning to process film on your own. And that’s what I will be doing this year. Cross my fingers that everything will turn out right.

My New Year’s resolution is quite the tall order for me, but with your support I’m sure I can tick them off sooner than later. I hope that 2018 will be your year to do something great. Cheers!

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