New55 pulls the plug on film operations


2018 isn’t off to a good start as we found out that the large format film maker New55 pulled the plug on its operations effective from December 31, 2017.

According to a blog entry on New55’s website, its founding members Bob Crowley, Sam Hiser, and Charles Fendrock are now pursuing a new photography mission. This particular project will be focused on the “origins and future directions of post-digital instant photography.”

“Legacy products are sort of like oldies music. It is a great field to learn, but it is more important to discover or create something new,” said Crowley who started this project 8 years ago in his Research & Development laboratory.

New55 first made waves back in 2014 when it launched a Kickstarter campaign to help them bring in handmade 4×5 instant film to the market. It received a total of $415,025 worth of pledges from 2,475 backers.

You can view the results on the company’s Instagram page.

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