An outlet of emotions


One thing I’ve noticed since taking up the film photography is that each shot invokes a lot of emotions from the photographer, most of which tell a story.

This week’s featured film photographer Ram Tolentino has been shooting for a year now. To him, Film Photography is an outlet for expressing how he feels with life’s unending adventures. It also helps him express his thoughts and emotions that can’t be conveyed by mere words.

One thing you’ll notice about his photography style is the absence of people, which gives a feeling of solitude.

I’ve always wanted to share my perspective of the world; a world that at times make me feel empty.

Like many film photographers, he believes that the delayed gratification presented by film photography adds up to the excitement. And even if some of his shots turn out bad, it helped him realize that life has room for errors and good things take time.

View his set on the gallery below or follow his Instagram account. Taken with Konica 35EF and Fujicolor C200.

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