The Photographer’s best friend


Film photography can make photographers think about a lot of things. Such was the case with Jerold Vizconde when he started shooting film and realized that a photographer’s best friend isn’t having the best gear or editing skills, but light itself.

Jerold picked up his 1st film camera on his birthday a few months ago, a Zenit 11. And like the other contributors on the Film Traveler before him, he too fell in love with the grainy and dreamy effects of analog photography.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though, he struggled a lot during his 1st few rolls with either blurry, over or underexposed shots. But that didn’t stop Jerold, he continued practicing by taking portraits of his workmates. Each shot pushed him to do better, to think more, and be more creative. Now, he’s proud to say that he’s had good progress.

Jerold also shared with us one of his secrets to a good exposure and we’ll share it with you as well… he said that in order to get the best results you have to befriend the sun. With good lighting and proper angle, you’ll be sure to get that dream shot.

His shots are proof that it works. Check out his photo set on the gallery below or you can visit Jerold‘s official Instagram account.

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