PhotoTreks to host film photography workshop tour this December


PhotoTreks teamed up with Fotofabrik to host a very special travel photography workshop this December 8 to 10, 2017.

What’s so special about it you ask? Well, attendees will get to stay and tour Taal, Batangas, as well as learn to shoot black and white film photography from a pair of veteran photographers for 3 days and 2 nights.

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Students will be under the wing of Jay Javier, who has 30 years worth of black and white photography. He will be joined by Lester Ledesma and his award-winning approach to travel and documentary photography.

In addition, the duo will teach the philosophical and practical approach when shooting and developing black and white film. They will also pass on knowledge on how to photograph with a photojournalist’s sense of purpose.

Apart from that, a nightly class will be held for photography discussions and to teach students how to develop their own rolls. Talk about an immersive experience.

The workshop will cost you P11,000 (P8,000 for students). This will include transport, accommodations, meals, 2 rolls of black and white film, and developing equipment. Hurry and drop them a message on their official Facebook page to find out how to book your slot.

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