This Pinhole Box Camera is your next photography project

Pinhole Box Camera

Would you like to start a new photography project this 2018? We found something interesting on the internet and it’s called the Pinhole Box Camera.

It’s a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) camera that you can build using materials found in your house and a film roll of your choice. All you need are a cardboard with the size of an American Letter, soft drink can, needle, black electric tape, glue stick, cutter or scissors, and an empty 35mm film canister.

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Follow the steps on the video below (unfortunately, it’s in Spanish or some similar sounding language) and you will be able to build a cool 35mm pinhole camera. According to its maker The Pinhole Box, it will take you around 40 minutes to make it from scratch.

As for the camera itself, it will have a focal length of 25mm with an aperture of f/11. The Pinhole Box camera will use the entire frame to give you somewhere in between 26 to 30 photographs per 36 exposures. Recommended film is ISO 400.

Check out the results below.

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