Polaroid OneStep 2 is coming to the Philippines

Polaroid OneStep 2

Polaroid celebrated its 80th anniversary by making its official return and launching a remake of an iconic camera now called the OneStep 2. Sadly, the only way for us to get it in the Philippines was by purchasing it on their official website which could take a while and cost a bit more since it will be shipped internationally. Well, that’s until we found out it was coming to the Philippines.

An angel confirmed that the OneStep 2 will be brought to the Philippines by the Primer Group. Unfortunately, we would still have to wait for a few more days until we get more details such as the price of the OneStep 2 and its Instax film packs.

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Although we have to expect that the pricing could be a bit more expensive than its U.S. price of $120 (around P6,200) while its film may cost around $16 (around P825) due to shipping and taxes. Regardless of that, this is exciting news for film photography enthusiasts and those who love instant cameras.

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What we know, on the other hand, is that it will be available around the 2nd or 3rd week of December, making it the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones. Stay tuned and hope that all of these will push through. We’ll update you as soon as we get more information about the launching of the Polaroid OneStep 2 in the Philippines. We can’t wait to take it out for a spin.

The Polaroid OneStep 2 is a square format instant camera. It has 106mm fixed lens that can focus from as close as 0.6mm to infinity. According to the brand, it has its own high performance 1100mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can power the OneStep 2 up to 60 days.

[UPDATE 11-08-2017] – So the Polaroid OneStep 2 has been officially launched here in the Philippines and we finally have the official price. The OneStep 2 body will cost P8,999 while the 8 piece film pack has a price of P1,450. Ouch!

Sadly, we think this is a bit too much even if you were a fan of Polaroid. Well, maybe you’d buy the body but the film costs a lot, We can’t blame them though due to the shipping and taxes placed. We also have to think that they have to make a profit somehow. Hopefully as demand for this product goes up the prices will go down as well.

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  1. It’s out already. I saw it yesterday at a branch of Bratpack in Alabang Town Center. Same prices as said in this article. I wish the prices would go down.

    • Yes, it is out already. At the time of this writing, there was no official word out yet but our sources in the industry have confirmed its arrival. And yes, we, too, wish that the prices would go down.

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