WATCH: Polaroid through the years


Admit it, the invention of film cameras, or cameras in general, made life more colorful. Although it technically didn’t at first since film cameras were originally in black and white, documentation of history wouldn’t be as visually stunning as it is today.

Even more interesting was the introduction of instant cameras, which develops the photograph right after it has been taken. One of the 1st brands you’ll immediately think of when you hear ‘instant camera’ is Polaroid. In fact, it became so popular that many people say the brand more to identify the type of camera.

Founded in theĀ United States in 1937, the company was originally geared toward the production of polarizing filters or simply ‘filter.’ It was not until 1948 when the company introduced the Land Model 95. The camera is the grandfather of every Polaroid model you know and probably even the Fujifilm Instax. What came after is history.

Watch this short clip which brings you back in the history of Polaroid.

Dan Pabustan

I tell stories in 2 ways: on paper and on negative.