Reflex could be the 1st new fully manual SLR in years


This September was quite big for the film photography world with several launches and Kickstarter campaigns of new cameras. To end this month on a high note, we’ve spotted this website claiming that they will be producing the 1st new manual 35mm SLR in over 25 years.

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Details are scarce, however, its website has nothing but an image that teases us with the conventional metal design of a manual SLR. This is a good thing if they what they claim is really what it is.

We’ve seen some test shots on Reflex’s Instagram account. According to the posts, the Reflex still has some minor light leak and shutter sync issues but the photographs do look promising.

Of course, we have to take note that these were shot with a Takumar 55mm f/1.8 lens on Agfa Vista 200 Plus, which is one of the better lenses and entry-level films out there. This also indicates that future owners of the Reflex will get to use other brands of lenses. That’s unless the creators of this SLR will produce one themselves… unlikely.

Like many of the new film cameras recently announced, this too shall be launched via Kickstarter at the end of October 2017. We’ll update this post when we get more details.

For now, check out the photographs taken with the Reflex below.

[UPDATE 9-28-2017] – Turns out, it has been just 22 years since the last mechanical SLR came out – the Nikon FM10. There’s also the Bessaflex TM which came out 14 years ago. Thank you for pointing that out Spencer Lange.

[UPDATE 11-1-2017] – The Reflex SLR camera will be launching on November 7, 2017, and will have a price tag of somewhere between $466 to $531. Quite pricey if you ask me.

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