Rejuvenation of the weary artistic soul

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Photography, whether digital or film, demands photographers to be artistic with each shot. Every wrong exposure, the time and money of everyone involved are wasted. Aside from that, peer pressure to get the latest lenses and setups add even more pressure on the photographer. Yes, we’ve all been there.

When the time comes that you get burned out, it’s just right for you to step away and take time off to rejuvenate your tired soul. And that’s what Vincent Paul Phan did.

During his time off, Vincent went soul searching. He and his friends went up the mystical Mount Banahaw. But feeling that he was craving for something new to rekindle his love for photography, he bought and brought along a plastic toy film camera for the trip… a Holga with 120 film.

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After a few rolls, he found himself having so much fun. He missed the thrill of going out and shooting random subjects without worrying about what others may think about his art work or his camera setup.

“There is something about the imperfect shots of these toy cameras that got me more interested in experimenting with different films and lenses,” – Vincent Paul Phan

Invigorated and curious, he added a Fisheye and La Sardina camera to his arsenal to experiment with. And for now, Vincent plans to stick with those and learn more about its inconsistencies and imperfections, which he loves so much. With these toys, he no longer needs to makes things too complicated… all he needs to do is go out and have fun.

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