Retrieve a 35mm film from the canister with this simple trick

35mm film retrieval

Last Friday, I decided to use the fully-automatic Canon EOS 850 for a shoot. But something must’ve gone wrong when I loaded the film roll as it rewinded the 35mm film all the way back into the canister. Good thing I learned this trick on YouTube that helped me retrieve the film leader.

All you need is a piece of 35mm film preferably used which we will label the “puller.” Dampen one end with water or saliva using your finger or cloth (don’t lick it directly with your tongue). Slide the wet end into the canister around an inch or 2 in.

Once the puller is in, wind the canister clockwise (maybe twice or thrice) then quickly pull the puller out and there you go.

Watch the video below to see the trick in action.

Yabee Eusebio

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