WATCH: Shootout between Canon AE-1 vs Samsung Galaxy S8


Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if a camera built 41 years ago can go against one of the best mobile phones in the market in a shootout? Well, that’s what YouTube channel Byte Review did when they got the Canon AE-1 battle mano y mano against the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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In the video below, the host shoots the same subject/s (sans the focal length) using both cameras under the same conditions. They then post the results side-by-side and compare to see which camera took the better shot. The photos range from the expected to several surprising results.

Will the Canon AE-1 produce better shots? Or will the film camera’s allure falter to the Samsung Galaxy S8? Well, there’s only 1 way to find out, watch the video below.

Byte Review is a tech review channel on YouTube. Since joining inĀ August 18, 2015, the channel now has 5,885 subscribers and has garneredĀ 1,251,634 views. You may follow Byte Review on their official YouTube channel, Twitter page, and Instagram account.

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