Silberra needs your help to launch B&W films worldwide


We’ve seen various cameras launched on Kickstarter that have seen spectacular results such as the Reflex and the controversial Yashica Y35 digiFilm. As such, we’ve got wind of a company called Silberra who plans to several manufacture Black and White films and distribute it worldwide.

Silberra is a Russian company who has been producing various chemicals for film development since 2009. In February 2017, they entered film manufacturing after a visit at one of Russia’s oldest labs – Micron. Together, they created several 135 black and white panchromatic films ready to be manufactured on a global scale when given the proper funds.

Their panchromatic film series include PAN50, PAN100, PAN160, as well as PAN200 and Ultima200 limited edition rolls. All these were created from technical and surveillance films from AGFA, adapted to the emulsions for everyday and professional use.

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In addition, these films from Silberra now offer lower contrast, higher acutance, and a wider dynamic range. It also has superfine grain and high sensitivity in the near-infrared spectrum, which perform nicely with reflections and are well-suited for golden hour shooting.

They’re also developing orthochromatic black and white films with ISO 25 and 50 options.

Silberra has now raised $22,613 from 499 backers from their Indiegogo campaign. Good thing that their $115,000 goal is flexible meaning that they will receive the funds even if they don’t reach it. Hopefully, we’ll get to see these films here in the Philippines soon (maybe through Film Folk) when they start producing the roll.

See the sample photographs below.

Visit their official Instagram account for more sample photos and their official website for product updates.

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  1. I have a manual camera which I bought after collage (15 or so years ago). Since it has no more value if I sell it, I might as well try and use it again. Do you give free films that I can try? Where can I buy a film?

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