Someone built a DIY camera that prints GIFs


Have you ever heard the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words?” Well, a dude from New York just gave a whole new meaning to that by creating a camera that “prints” videos called the InstaGIF NextStep.

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Based on the Polaroid OneStep instant camera, the InstaGIF was built by Mr. Abhishek Singh entirely from scratch and produced via 3D printer. It records a 3-second GIF and “prints” it on a cartridge for you to watch.

Operation of this instant camera is very simple. Turn it on, hold the record button, and you get a fun video to watch (depending on your creativity or wackiness, of course). Simply reload the cartridge to take another video, which means the current video will be overwritten. Good thing you can connect the cartridge to a computer to save it first.

If you would like to get your hands on one, well, you’ll have to build one yourself. Yes, the codes and design/instructions of the InstaGIF are available online for FREE. Just don’t claim it as your own.

Watch the InstaGIF in action on the video below.

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