Survey Says: The Young are Keeping Film Alive in the Philippines

Although they are born and raised in the digital age, young Filipinos hold an interesting affinity to analog photography and are active stalwarts of keeping film alive.

This is what the recently announced results of the survey by the Cameraventures team revealed. As part of their #SaveAnalogCameras campaign, they rolled out a survey to see if film as a medium will be safe for the next 15 years, and where it’s headed to for the future. Out of the thousands of analog photographers around the world who responded to their call, 316 of them are from the Philippines.

The survey has found that nearly half (43%) of the respondents are between the ages of 21 to 26 years, while those between 27 to 34 years old are at 21%. This reflects that most Filipino film photographers are still in their twenties — millennials and Generation Z/Post-Millennials who are mostly known for their unprecedented exposure to digital technology, the Internet, and social media.

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Another interesting detail says that most of the Filipino film photographers who participated in the survey consider themselves to be artists or newcomers. According to the Analog Person Profiles identified by Cameraventures, the artist is “not defined by an age or gender, but more of a philosophy that film is a concept of preserving time and emotion.” The newcomer, meanwhile, is “more concerned about his/her shots on social media rather than prints” and prefers a “lovely aesthetic philosophy” when it comes to photography.

These figures suggest that nostalgia and curiosity for a totally unfamiliar (and traditional) medium are making an impact to the Filipino youth’s creative spirit.

Given that most of the Filipino respondents are just starting out with film photography, the survey has also found that 54% have around one to three film cameras. Only two participants mention having 19 – 25 cameras, and only seven say they have 25 – 35 cameras in their collection.

Visit to see the complete Save Analog Cameras survey results for the Philippines, or to take the survey if you’re interested in representing our analog-loving community.

Joy Celine Asto

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