Taking chances and challenges


Most people would agree that in order to be great, you should learn to take chances and challenges head on. More often than not, you’d fail, but with a bit of luck, you may succeed and when you do, the results are simply beautiful.

This was the case with this week’s featured photographer and Film Traveler contributor Joy Celine Asto when she started to play around with conceptual portraits back in 2015.

Shooting with history

Joy tagged along her friend’s photoshoot and brought her Nikon FE2 loaded with the rare black and white cinematic film Kodak Double X 5222. Somehow, she felt anxious and excited knowing that she’ll be using the same film with rich cinematic history.

To give you an idea, the Kodak Double X 5222 has been used in movies such asĀ Raging Bull (1980), Kafka (1991), Schindler’s List (1993), Memento (2000), Casino Royale (2006), and I’m Not There (2007).

Unfortunately, Joy didn’t have any concept or shot list or poses in mind for their shared model. All she had in mind was to make sure that she didn’t have the same poses, mood, and angles as her friend.

I wasn’t particular about the model’s poses too; I just let her do her thing and I think that allowed me to focus on the mood that I wanted for each shot. – Joy Celine Asto

Joy had to come up with her own angles, placements, and narratives on the fly. She even experimented with double exposures. She took a chance and faced her challenges head on and succeeded. According to her, this is her best set to date. The results sure back her claim.

Joy’s love for film

Joy has been shooting film for 7 years now, with 2 years doing it seriously. She used to shoot with a Holga 120 CFN and gradually progressed to other cameras. For Joy, film allows her to translate her ideas into visual stories more effectively in terms of mood and visual character.

In addition, she also loves how film encourages you to slow down, experiment, and really think carefully to get the best results. Joy looks at it as a welcome challenge every time she goes out and shoot.

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