WATCH: Fujifilm’s Christmas commercial is about the gift of film


Christmas season is usually the time when families gather together, give gifts, catch up and/or reminisce. What better way to do that than flip through old school photo albums as seen in this commercial by Fujifilm.

In this video, you’ll see a grandmother share her best memories captured in film and print to her grandchild named Chesca. They have a wonderful bonding moment that will make you reminisce about the time when you did the same with your family (that’s if you’re a 90’s kid or so).

After having a good time with Chesca, “Lola” gives her grandchild a wonderful gift that would help start making her own stories and memories.

Watch this heart warming video by Fujifilm.

Doesn’t it make you want to give the give of film to others? Buy an Instax or better yet a 35mm film camera and gift it to someone special.

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