WATCH: The history of photography


It’s easy to overlook how far photography has been through with the rapid advancement of technology. With this in mind, we found a video that will take you on a digital journey back in time to learn the history of photography in just 5 minutes.


Created by the online magazine Cooperative of Photography (COOPH), this video covers almost everything from the 1st practical photographic process called the Daguerreotype all the way to the mobility of smartphones. Just excuse the bad puns.

Although this recap doesn’t cover a few important details such as the invention of Polaroid and includes a few inaccurate dates, it’s still a cool video to watch if you want to get a deeper understanding of this passion of ours. Maybe it would even inspire you to take on film or instant photography.

Watch this video if you want an even more detailed documentary on the history of photography and the camera.

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