WATCH: Ilford’s guidelines to developing film on your own


The next step for a film photographer is to learn how to develop on their own. The easiest and most economical way to learn how to do it is by processing black and white film. Here’s a handy video by Ilford on how to DIY.

Before you skip ahead to the video, it’s important for our readers (especially those who haven’t developed a roll on their own) to know that each film has its own process and recipes. You can find these on the website¬†or on

With that out of the bag, this quick video by black and white film manufacturer Ilford goes through the workflow on how you should develop your own film. It gives you guidelines from organizing the tools needed, preparing the chemicals, placing film into the dev tank, and cleaning the film with water.

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It all sounds easy but to be honest it might take a few rolls to get it right. Remember to religiously stick to the recipes and development times to produce the optimum results. Most importantly, mind the lights!

Watch the video below.

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