WATCH: ISO explained


One of the most common questions we see from new photographers is the dreaded “what settings do I use for <insert location>.” Be it for lack of research or simply spoon-feeding, it can get really tiring to read such questions over and over again, especially if you’ve been shooting for a long time.To help these neophytes, we searched the interwebs for something that would teach them the basics of photography through an easy-to-digest platform. Luckily, we stumbled upon a video by Rob Nunn – a long time photographer who has been blogging/vlogging about photography for around 10 years.

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In his video, he discusses how to choose the right ISO (or ASA) to use for certain scenarios as well as its correlation with shutter speed and aperture. Good thing that Rob can explain this in layman’s terms so that new photographers can easily understand this.

Watch the video below. You’re welcome.

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